Michew-The South Main Gateway to the Region

From Addis Ababa, the capital city of the Federal Government, following Dessie, about, about 120 km, the Azebo rift comes into view. The people of this area, noted for their distinctive dressing styles and excellent music, are of fine appearance. The plain, spotted with group of thatched villages interested by crop – fields and hills are pleasant indeed.


As the road passes Alamata (200 km), the bustling town of southern Tigrai, starts its most striking course when twists to climb Girakahisu peak. The wonderful meandering movements the path gives the mountains of an image of an Africa wild ass, Zebra.

The descent from Korem to Alamata is simply spectacular, and the sharp drop in attitude brings you to a hot plain that couldn't be more different to the green highlands you've just passed through.

10 km after, the winding way is already on pass where travellers could pause to look back over a caravan of dizzying motorcars. The road then reaches Korem, an old settlement, whose outskirt to the north is Hashenge Lake.



The Town of Korem perched on a plateau whose western side rises to form a chain of High Mountain, is 619 km far north of Addis Ababa or 160Km south of Mekelle. Its outskirts are dotted with breathtaking sites such as Lake Hashenge, Mefisas Bahir (an archaeological site), Higumbirda and Girakahisu forests as well as Holla water fall.

Lake Hashenge – the only lake in the region – 9km north of Korem

A beautiful mountain ringed stretch of slightly saline water covering about 24km2 and 18meters deep is also dotted with villages and crop fields. The hidden wonder ripples entertain birds of different characters.  As these birds swim and dive now and then to capture their food, birds of prey like that of tawny eagle hover over them.



What surprise most is that the lake crowned with a breathtaking view, has its edge, Mifsas Bahri marked by hewn stones and few rock pillars incised with crosses. They have been recently unearthed. This archeological site therefore, suggests that the locality underwent a remotecivilization.

nifas bahri 1


 HUGUMBIRDA FOREST – about 2km north of Hashenge Lake  

The gentle slope that edges the lake in the north east has its back covered with an indigenous forest of Hugumbirda that hosts endemic and Euro-Asia and African migratory birds. The wood-land called Hugumbrida, broken into various chasms is an enchanting place full of wild plants, animals as well as wonderful bird species. The hills jutting out of the trees let viewers watch a variety of birds shuttling over the air and simultaneously contemplate the forest canopy below. Hugumbirda, about 2165 acres, lowers itself east to meet the Raya Azebo Valley, a plain scattered with acacia trees frequented by birds of varied nature.

HOLLA WATER FALL – 30 minutes’ gentle walk a bit south east of Korem along the Alameta main way. 

A gentle stony slope that embraces the town of Korem in the east falls towards a river escorted with many outcrops whose sides carry cultivations. The rises copped with a cluster of villages add color to the attraction of the vicinity. The river before plunging farther east is checked by a series of three cataracts. The one that comes in between is so unique and cause surprise. The waterway flowing for many generations has pierced a rock bed to fall through in a ditch-like cave. The waterfall called Holla is nearly 10 meters high. The river continues its course down a deep gorge full of boulders. The site is frequented by rare white collard pigeons. It is about 30minutes walk from the town.


Maichew, abowl- shaped townscape, has a special place in the history of Ethiopia. As Emperor Menilke II had marched northward in 1896 to combat Italy and after victory, made a brief pause in this town. Its residents and the peasants of the surrounding flocked to accord him a hero’s welcome. More important, the settlement, the Ethio-Italian war ground of 1936. The market is also worth a wonder. It presents butter, honey, fiery peppers, hides, baskets, pots, etc together with graceful peasants. It is 120km far from the regional capital, Mekelle.




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