Chelekot Holy Trinity church

17 km gravel road south of Mekelle!

It was a far more important settlement than the modern capital in the early 19th century. Selassie Chelecot is one of the greatest churches in Ethiopia. This architecturally impressive example of the circular Tukul style of churche is holding marvelous paintings and priceless treasures. Among them are gilt crosses, crowns, double-ended drums, many rich types of embroidery, beautifully illuminated manuscripts dating back to the 16th century and many other materials donated by different kings, local lords, and the faithful and other individuals.

 Inside the compound one can see the ruined tomb of Itage Trunesh, the widow of Emperor Tewodros. Richard Pankhrust, the noted Ethiopian’s, comments, “--- in ill health and unable to bear the rigors of the rapid British evacuations, she died on the journey to coast and was buried at Chelecot in Tigre.”