Abyssland Tour and Travel

Abyss land Tour and Travel  is a100% Ethiopian company fully licensed registered company under the Ethiopia ministry of tourism and culture with a Permit No EIA-IP/021022/04 and Business license No 14/666/24481/2004 .the staff of Abyss land Tour and Travel has developed in to a highly skilled, multi lingual guides and professional team. Our vast local knowledge is a result of our passion for tourism and excellent service; we are friendly established company with a wealth of experience since the New Year of 2004. Our guides with over 10years experience, is extremely knowledgeable and efficient at building tailor made itineraries and adventures, customizing your trip to fit your time and budget constraints.

We strongly believe the success of any tour depends heavily on the guides of the tour; it is with this in mind that we train and manage our guides. If you are searching a travel agency in Ethiopia dedicatedin creating and facilitating travel experiences that expands awareness as well as to give each person a true sense of Ethiopia culture abyss land Ethiopia tour will be the best guarantee travel partner.

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