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Ashenda - Ayni wari - Maria Tigrai Girl's Carnival 

Ashenda, Ayniwari and Maria is a unique Tigraian Traditional festival which takes place in August to mark the ending of fasting Called " Filseta". Its length varies from three days to one month depending on the local (shorter in urban areas, longer in rural areas). This event is mostly for girls and young women, which they await very eagerly every year. The name of festival "Ashenda" Comes from the name of tall grass that girls make in to a skirt wear it around their waists as a decoration.

The young girls " deqi Ashenda" dress the best different types of local traditional dresses which is a cotten hand made decorated with amazing embroidery from the neck to toe in front of the dress. The girls also adorned themselves with array of beautiful jewelry. After they gather in the village or city center, they went to nearby Church to address their pray to their God. Then, they divide into small groups and they go from house to house singing, dancing and playing their drums to deliver their good wishes. It is customary for people to give them different kinds of gifts. 

 A week or so after the celebrations started, The event comes to an end in most areas with all the girls from the village singing and dancing until sun down. This time the young boys join in more like spectacular than active players. This custom is not only to admire the girls but for a more serious motive.